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It looks like a bunch of YouTubers (Grace, Chester, Kassem G, Rhett & Link, Barely Political and others) are at the White House today to participate in the #ItsOnUs campaign to help end sexual assault on women and men.

Go to for more details!


Tumblr and Puns

why are u such a lil baby, lil baby??

Damn it Emily

Six really’s…yeah forever
the moment the finding carter fandom got shot in the face (via stilinskis-martin)


"You’ve been up and down down
You’ve been low low low”
Wkręciło się.


Finding Carter be like: 

Me: Bitch this ain’t the fault in our stars. Now put Taylor back with Max and stop playin with my emotions!


I honestly don’t know what effected me more about the finale.. Maxlor breaking up or Carter being kidnapped.


Really ironic his name is Grant, since they all take him for granted.